Top 10 Gifts for Wine Lovers — Your Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s face it….. Christmas is sneaking up on us, FAST. It’s almost mid-November and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Since drinking at home has become the norm this year and will be till this whole pandemic stops, I wanted to help elevate people’s experiences with wine at-home during the holiday season; which is why I’ve been working very hard to open my online wine lifestyle store in time for the holidays. Right now, Wineisseur the Store has a couple of products including wine accessories, gifts, and activities, and will be adding more products each week. If you’re in the mood to support small businesses, check out my store.

In the season of giving, nothing feels better than putting a smile on someone’s face and I hope I can help you achieve that with this guide. So here are 10 amazing gifts (besides wine) for the wine lovers in your life. If you want to find some great wine recommendations, check out my blog .

1. Charcuterie Board (Custom Engraved) — starting at $40

Since wine and cheese are the perfect pairings, this is a MUST-HAVE for all wine lovers. With the custom engraving on the board, it adds a nice personal touch, so your friend never forgets the special person who got it for them. Be sure to complete this gift with the Cheese Knives Set . Considering the amount of wine and cheese parties your friend will host after getting this make this gift worth it.

2. Decanter — $55

With all the red wine your friend is going to be drinking this Christmas, they’re going to make good use of this. Not only do decanters enhance the characteristic of wine, decanters also make wine more presentable for guests and can be elegant home décor when it’s not being used. Basically, it’s a 2-in-1 gift.

3. Coravin — starting at $136

Let me tell you, every wine connoisseur and sommelier WANTS THIS! Coravin is a very cool, high-end device for people who have lots of expensive wines. This device lets you taste and preserve valuable wines while allowing them to continue aging. It’s the coolest wine tool I’ve seen and definitely worth the investment.

4. Wine Aerator — $27

If your friend likes decanters but doesn’t like waiting, aerators are a great alternative. Aerators are handy, portable, and ultimately INSTANT in making your wine better. I have the TRIbella Triple Aerator that I absolutely love and talk about in my Fall 4 Food Pairings blog . The TRIbella Aerator retails for approx $100, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, check out this aerator in my store.

5. Wine Cork Wreath — $40

I saw this on Pinterest and knew it would make a great gift for wine lovers. Similar to the concept of wine cork boards (but holiday-themed), the wreath allows people to keep a collection of their wine corks in a decorative way.

6. Wine-Holding Ugly Christmas Sweater — $60+

For the fun, simplistic, and mischievous people in your life — Yes, there’s a wine bottle-holding sweater!! So you don’t need to share your wine at the Christmas party. Although it’s the season of giving, you should also be a REALIST. As well, this sweater is easy to DIY if you sew because it’s essentially a stocking attached to a sweater. Make of that what you will.

7. Wine Opener Gift Set — $20

For the people who just joined the wine gang, this gift set lets them start with all the essentials wrapped in a gift box- a corkscrew, wine pourer, bottle ring, and stopper. It also makes for a nice stocking stuffer, if you need one.

8. Wine Wars (Trivia Game) — $31

Since card games are trendy now, this game will make for a fun night to test your friend’s knowledge of wine. This game will become even more fun if you play it with the person in your group that likes to brag about how much they know about wine, so you can test if they’re really an expert.

9. DIY Advent Calendar — $ as much as you want to spend

No one EVER grows out of advent calendars. For people that like to give “thoughtful” gifts, put this one on your to-buy list. Buy a reusable advent calendar like this one from Indigo and add small wine accessories and knick-knacks like mini wine bottles. This gift will truly be unforgettable.

10. Face Mask for Wine Lovers — $10

Let your friend show off their love for wine with this black face mask stating “will only remove for wine.” This mask is fun, stylish, and protects them and others. It comes with 6 filters so you can be sure to wish them a safe and healthy holiday this season.

I hope this blog post helps you find the perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life. Currently, Wineisseur the Store is only shipping products to British Columbia, Canada. In the future, we’ll be looking at shipping our products to other provinces. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my small business.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! 🎄🎁

Originally published at on November 11, 2020.




Sharing knowledge on wine, providing recommendations, and bringing together a community of wine enthusiasts & connoisseurs.

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Sharing knowledge on wine, providing recommendations, and bringing together a community of wine enthusiasts & connoisseurs.

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